Whether your feelings for Israel are faith based or driven by a simple recognition of what this tiny nation on the south eastern shore of the Mediterranean has delivered to the world since its rebirth in 1948, you’ll know the challenges that it faces.

There are 201 nations in the world; 123 are deemed to be democracies, 51 are authoritarian regimes and there are 57 Islamic states.

There is only one Jewish state, and it is has been vilified, castigated and denounced since its rebirth in 1948.

Sadly, we don’t expect the attacks to end anytime soon.

Moreover, we expect them to get even more sophisticated.

So, if you believe, like us, that hatred of Israel can and never should be tolerated or justified, then a gift in your will means that you can always be there to support and defend Israel and Jerusalem, even when you are no longer with us.

If you have any questions about remembering us in your will, we are here to help.

Please take a look at our more detailed guide here, or get in touch info@israelbritain.org.uk, or call us on 01372 726633. 

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