Dear Editor

Every day we hear news about tragedy and injustice, natural disasters, military coups and civil wars.

As a respected democracy we expect the UK government, irrespective of its political colour, to do the right thing when addressing these issues, but does it?

I was shocked to learn that Iran, North Korea and Syria have been collectively criticised just 19 times by the United Nations since 2015, meanwhile Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, surrounded by despots has been criticised 112 times over the same period.

Worse still, our government has either voted for or abstained on anti-Israel motions generated by nations that don’t remotely practice any type of democracy.

We should be ashamed.

The State of Israel isn’t perfect, no democratic nation is, but it’s a beacon of light in a Middle East where misogyny is rife, people of faith are persecuted and the right to vote freely is an alien concept, and to paraphrase Winston Churchill, democracy is far better than the alternatives that have been tried from time to time.  

If your readers agree you can join the campaign to challenge our government’s perverse voting record at the UN at

Yours sincerely

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