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Events taking place in the United Kingdom


Campus Date Location Event title People involved
Aberdeen 20/02/2018 University of Aberdeen Shir Hever – Insight Into Israeli Politics Shir Hever
  28/02/2018 University of Aberdeen Palestine Society Coffee Brunch Aberdeen University Palestine Society
03/03/2018 University of Aberdeen Palestinian Rights and Resistance Akram Natsheh and Ahmed Azza
  09/03/2018 University of Aberdeen Alien Land by Mo’min Swaitat Mo’min Swaitat
  23/03/2018 University of Aberdeen Palestinian Art Exhibition Aberdeen University Palestine Society
Birmingham 19/02/2018 University of Brimingham Culture: Evening of Palestinian music, art and food UoB Students for Justice in Palestine
  20/02/2018 University of Brimingham International Law: Israel’s law violations UoB Students for Justice in Palestine
  21/02/2018 University of Brimingham Racism: the stigma and discrimination Palestinian’s face UoB Students for Justice in Palestine
  22/02/2018 University of Brimingham The Real Palestine UoB Students for Justice in Palestine
  23/02/2018 University of Brimingham Mock wall UoB Students for Justice in Palestine
Bristol 22/02/2018 University of Bristol Remi Kanazi 2018 tour Remi Kanazi
Brunel 01/03/2018 University of Brunel An Indigenous Struggle Against Apartheid Akram Natsheh and Ahmed Azza
Cambridge 19/02/2018 University of Cambridge The Destruction of Palestinian Homes: The Logic of Elimination Jeff Halper and Dr Yael Navaro
  21/02/2018 University of Cambridge What is Settler-Colonialism? Dr Mezna Qato, Dr Elian Weizman, Dr Andrew Arsan
  23/02/2018 University of Cambridge Lowkey in Conversation: The Art of Resistance Cambridge University Palestine Society and Cambridge University Hip-Sop Society
  27/02/2018 University of Cambridge Palestinian Political Prisoners Cambridge University Palestine Society
  01/03/2018 University of Cambridge The UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees #DignityIsPriceless Cambridge University Palestine Society
  07/03/2018 University of Cambridge The Right to Speak/The Right to Listen: Race, Empire, Prevent
City 19/03/2018 City University Palestine: Law and Colonialism City University Palestine Society
  20/03/2018 City University Apartheid States: From South Africa to Palestine City University Palestine Society
  21/03/2018 City University Apartheid Through the Lens City University Palestine Society
  22/03/2018 City University Film screening (5 Broken Cameras) City University Palestine Society
  23/03/2018 City University A Taste of Palestine City University Palestine Society
Coventry 22/02/2018 University of Coventry Where are we headed in the Israel-Palestine Conflict? Jeff Halper
Exeter 19/02/2018 University of Exeter GAZA: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom by Norman Finkelstein Norman Finkelstein
  20/01/2018 University of Exeter An Evening with a Palestinian Prisoner Mohamed Abu Sakah
  21/02/2018 Queens BDS: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: A talk for IAW Gabriel Polley and Malaka Shwaikh
Glasgow 20/03/2018 University of Glasgow Resisting Israel’s Occupation and Apartheid Glasgow University Amnesty International
Goldsmiths 19/03/2018 Goldsmiths University Testimonies on the First Century of Palestine Elias Nasrallah
  21/03/2018 Goldsmiths University Decolonizing Art and Culture in the Palestinian Struggle GSU PalSoc
Imperial 27/02/2018 ICU Israel and Palestine: Conflict 101 ICU Friends of Palestine
  02/03/2018 ICU From Beirut to Bethlehem: short film night ICU Friends of Palestine, Imperial College Lebanese Society
KCL 27/02/2018 KCL Football and Whitewashing Apartheid Mahmoud Sarsak, The Easton Cowgirls, Geoff Lee, Martino Simcik
  01/03/2018 KCL The Politics of Racist Detention: From Palestine to the UK Demilitarise King’s and KCL Action Palestine Society. Speakers: Dr Mai Abu Moghli, Alia Malak, Cristel Amiss
  02/03/2018 KCL Homeland: A night of storytelling with Palestinian KCL students KCL Action Palestine Society
Keele 26/02/2018 University of Keele Dabke Social Keele Friends of Palestine
  28/02/2018 University of Manchester Where are we headed in Israel-Palestine? Jeff Halper
  05/03/2018 University of Keele Film screening: Budrus Keele Friends of Palestine
Leeds 20/02/2018 University of Leeds Remi Kanazi 2018 tour Remi Kanazi
  23/02/2018 University of Leeds IAW 2018 #70 year Nakba
  23/02/2018 University of Leeds Israel-Palestine: Is it Apartheid? Prof Robert Wintemut Prof Robert Wintemut
  27/02/2018 University of Leeds SkateQilya: Resistance through Skating -Mohammed Othman Mohammed Othman
  28/02/2018 University of Leeds Creation Under Occupation: Jenin Refugee Camp Natalie Rose Quartermass
  01/03/2018 University of Leeds British Bricks in Israeli Walls – David Cronin David Cronin
  16/03/2018 University of Leeds The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story by Dr. Ramzy Baroud Ramzy Baroud
LSE 01/03/2018 LSE Why is Israel an Apartheid State? Ghada Karmi, Ismail Patel, Hazim Jamjoul, Chair: John Chalcraft
Manchester 21/02/2018 University of Manchester Protest: Enough is Enough! #UoMDivestNow CAAT, Manchester BDS Campaign, Fight Racism!, etc
26/02/2018 University of Manchester Tales from the Prison Cell CAAT Manchester and BDS Campaign – University of Manchester, hosting: Sahar Francis and
  27/02/2018 University of Manchester It’s Kosher to Boycott Israel: A Jewish Journey to Palestine Solidarity by Robert Cohen CAAT Manchester and BDS Campaign – University of Manchester, hosting: Robert Cohen
  28/02/2018 University of Manchester Towards a Political End Game: A Democratic Bi-National State in Palestine/Israel CAAT Manchester and BDS Campaign – University of Manchester, hosting: Jeff Halper
  01/03/2018 University of Manchester Written out of history: How cultural appropriation helps sustain military occupation CAAT Manchester and BDS Campaign – University of Manchester, hosting: Ben White and Shahd Abusalama
Norwich 21/02/2018 University of East Anglia Palestine: Power and Political Economy. A panel discussion. Dr. Gilbert Achcar and Dr. Mark Zeitoun.
  02/03/2018 University of East Anglia Art/ Poster Gallery Displaying posters from the Palestinian revolution to our present time.
Oxford 20/02/2018 Oxford Town Hall War Against the People with Jeff Halper Jeff Halper
21/02/2018 University of Oxford Sisters in Struggle: Women and Anti-Colonial Resistance Paola Zichi, Dana Mills, Dima Chami, Chaired by: Sophie Smith
  22/02/2018 University of Oxford Lowkey: Settler Colonialism: From Gaza to Grenfell Oxford Jewish Students for Justice in Palestine, Oxford Students’ Palestine Society, Oxford India Society, Oxford Climate Justice Campaign, Oxford SU CRAE
Portsmouth 22/02/2018 University of Portsmouth Screening of “The Time That Remains” Elia Suleiman
Queen Mary 23/02/2018 QM Jerusalem: The Capital of Palestine Nadia Hijab, Hazem Jamjoum, Ben White, David Sizer LT
Sheffield 21/02/2018 University of Sheffield History of the Palestinian Resistance Dr Anne Alexander and Journalist Hamid Alizadeh
  26/02/2018 University of Sheffield Screening of: 5 Broken Cameras UoS Pal Society
  05/03/2018 University of Sheffield Screening of: Occupation of the American Mind UoS Pal Society
  08/03/2018 University of Sheffield Ben White: Beyond Apartheid in Palestine-Israel Ben White
  14/03/2018 University of Sheffield Screening of: “Epicly Palestine’d” and panel Dr Dani Abulhawa, Doug Mascaranous Keyes, Philip Joa (co-director of film)
SOAS 19/02/2018 SOAS University of London Israeli Apartheid Week 2018 at SOAS Dr Noura Erakat, Prof Ilan Pappe, Remi Kanazi. Chair: Dr Rafeef Ziadah
  20/02/2018 SOAS University of London Reclaiming Identity: From Local to Global Walaa Sbeit and Tamer Nafar
  21/02/2018 SOAS University of London Book Launch: “Young Palestinian Speak: Living Under Occupation” Anthony Robinson and Annemarie Young (both writers). Chaired by: Seyed Ali Alavi
  23/02/2018 Rich Mix London Sounds of Resistance SOAS Palestine Society, Artists for Palestine UK, MARSM UK, Rich Mix London, War on Want. Headlining: Benjamin Zephaniah, Tamer Nafar, Remi Kanazi, DJ Hilwi
  01/03/2018 SOAS University of London Play – Alien Land SOAS Palestine Society
  02/03/2018 SOAS University of London Conference: Law and Colonialism in Palestine Dr Mazen Masri, Dr Nimer Sultany
Southampton 27/02/2018 University of Southampton Apartheid City Talk and Q&A
  01/03/2018 University of Southampton Movie Night: Occupation 101 (cancelled)
  13/03/2018 University of Southampton Cultural night!
  06/03/2018 University of Southampton Freeze mob
Strathclyde 20/03/2018 University of Glasgow Resisting Israel’s Occupation and Apartheid Glasgow University Amnesty International
Sussex 19/02/2018 University of Sussex IAW 2018: BDS Movement: What is it? How do we win?
21/02/2018 University of Sussex Remi Kanazi 2018 tour Remi Kanazi
23/02/2018 University of Brighton Film screening: From Balfour to Banksy (Cancelled)
UCL 27/02/2018 UCL Are we getting anywhere? A reflection on student led activism UCL Friends of Palestine
  28/02/2018 UCL Palestinian Activists Speak: Ban Israeli Settlement Goods UCL Friends of Palestine and UCL Amnesty International Society
UEA 01/03/2018 UEA UEA Israel Apartheid Week
  02/03/2018 UEA UEA Israel Apartheid Week
  05/03/2018 UEA UEA Israel Apartheid Week
  06/03/2018 UEA UEA Israel Apartheid Week
Westminster 22/02/2018 University of Westminster Palestinian Right of Return or Israeli Birthright? Ben White, Farah Nabulsi, Maria Holt
  08/03/2018 University of Westminster UN International Womens Day: Strong Palestinian Women
01/03/2018 University of Westminster Exclusive film screening: Q&A with Farah Nabulsi Farah Nabulsi
York 21/02/2018 University of York Photo for support of refugee families reuniting University of York Amnesty International
FOSIS 10/03/2018 FOSIS Palestine Conference: 1948-2018





The Israel- Britain Alliance (IBA) is a UK based organisation that celebrates Britain's relationship with the State of Israel.