Dear MP

I am writing to you as my local MP as you may be contacted by other constituents to engage with you in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s (PSC) virtual lobby day.

They will be asking to speak to you about two campaigns, one called “Stop Annexation” and another named “End Apartheid”.

Both campaigns are based on falsehoods.

There is no need to discuss “Stopping Annexation” because any plans Israel had to extend sovereignty to parts of the West Bank have been parked as a collateral effect of the very welcome Abraham Accords peace deals between Israel and Arab countries (UAE, Bahrain and Sudan).

They want to waste your time discussing something that hasn’t happened rather discussing the actual peace deals that have been struck and thinking about ways the Palestinian Authority could be engaged in a meaningful peace process with Israel.

Nor is there a need to discuss “Ending Apartheid”, because the allegation that Israel, a democracy with equal rights for all its citizens and Arab representation in its parliament, resembles the racist structures of apartheid South Africa is false.

Moreover, this grossly offensive claim breaches a specific example of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism by claiming the State of Israel is a racist endeavour.

If you do decide to meet local representatives of the PSC, can you assure me that you will rebut their alarmism about “annexation”, and make clear their claims of “apartheid” are racist.

You might also want to ask them what the PSC’s real agenda is? For example:

  • Why don’t they support the two state Solution? Do they want to see Israel destroyed?
  • Why do they oppose the IHRA definition of antisemitism? How do they police antisemitism in their own ranks if they do not even accept how it is defined?
  • Why does the PSC consistently host extremist speakers at its events?
  • Why isn’t the PSC celebrating the Abraham Accords and peace between Israel and Arab countries?

I hope you will bear in mind that many of your constituents, including me, view Israel as a country that merits our admiration and we should abhor the PSC’s efforts to boycott and delegitimise the world’s only Jewish state.

I look forward to hearing how you will approach any interaction with the PSC.

Israel Britain Alliance Ltd. Registered Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 1BB. Company Number: 11054917