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Between 4 & 6 May 690 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza.

Iron Dome intercepted 240, four Israelis were killed, and 216,000 children couldn’t attend school.

Israel defended its people and neutralised 350 Islamic Jihad and Hamas targets, which included weapon facilities, rocket launch sites and terror squads.

25 Palestinians were killed.

There is no difference in the value of a human life but there is a difference between those that defend themselves from attack, and the terrorists that perpetrate attacks.

Hamas rockets targeted civilians. It is a war crime.

Too often MPs seek to draw false moral equivalence between Israel’s armed forces and the terrorists. Worse still, some MPs seek to smear the IDF.

On Easter Monday Easington MP Grahame Morris posted a tweet purporting to show footage of Israeli forces abusing children.

This is the tweet.


 The footage in the tweet was of Guatemalan soldiers, not the IDF, and you can watch it in our campaign video here:

Mr Morris has REFUSED to apologise to the IDF. Sadly, his behaviour is symptomatic of an unacceptable double standard operated by some British MPs

They stand against the abuse of children and civilians by rogue regimes and terror groups but when it comes to the Israel/Palestinian conflict, they set aside their moral compasses and criticise Israel.

It’s immoral, it’s prejudiced, it’s unacceptable and we’ve had enough.

The IBA is partnering with the Israeli organisation MY TRUTH to tell British MPs THE TRUTH.

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