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On 29 April 2020 the Supreme Court ruled that government guidance issued to local government pension schemes was unlawful.

The investment strategy advice said it was inappropriate to pursue boycotts, divestments and sanctions against foreign nations and UK defence industries, other than where formal UK government sanctions were in place.

The legal action was raised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) to advance its racist agenda of boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

The ruling means that UK government policy has been hijacked by the PSC.

The UK Government must now implement primary legislation to close this legal loophole.

Every mainstream UK political party has publicly announced that they are against BDS, let’s test that commitment.

Please ask your MP to write to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and request confirmation that the government will legislate to close the loophole?

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The Israel- Britain Alliance (IBA) is a UK based organisation that celebrates Britain's relationship with the State of Israel.