Dear Ms Moran

As your constituent I read your Urgent Question Hansard statement from the House of Commons about the ongoing violence between Israel and Palestinians.

When you read the names of the children that had died in the violence it was heartbreaking, however, your analysis on why they died was, quite frankly, disgraceful.

Leaving aside the fact that Sheikh Jarrah is an issue with many layers of complexity, your suggestion that somehow Israeli authorities had disrespected Ramadan is not true.

Moreover, even if it were true it is still no justification for the violence, generated by Hamas and supported by other Palestinian leaders, that has led to the losses that you so vividly described.

The truth of the matter is that both issues are being used as smoke screens to divert attention away from the corruption, incompetence and utter cynicism of Palestinian leaders who on a daily basis abuse their people.

Palestinian leaders live lives of luxury while their people live their lives in penury before being used as cannon fodder by their so-called leaders.

Those so-called leaders will be delighted with your statement but I can tell you, as your constituent, I was appalled.

Yours sincerely

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