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9 July 2020


Sir Keir Starmer MP

Leader of the Labour Party

House of Commons




Dear Sir Keir




The Israel Britain Alliance (IBA) has been operating since early 2016.

The organisation was set up, in part, to challenge the constant anti-Israel propaganda that is fed to MPs across the House of Commons from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Palestinian Return Centre and the BDS movement.

Over quarter of a million individual campaign letters have been sent, and our supporters have campaigned on and championed many issues connected to our country’s relationship with the State of Israel.

The full list of campaigns is attached.

We’ve highlighted false propaganda, flagged flaws in government policy, foreign and domestic,  and we’ve celebrated the multitude of positive outcomes generated by the Anglo-Israel relationship that supports the security and well being of every UK citizen.

Indeed, as a constituency MP, you have responded to IBA campaigns that have been supported by voters in your constituency.

However, our network of supporters has told us that some Labour MPs fail to respond to their constituent’s correspondence, specifically about Israel, so we carried out some more research.

We have discovered that the following Labour MPs have consistently failed to respond to correspondence that seeks an intervention or response on matters that portray Israel, or the Anglo-Israel relationship, in a positive light:

Apsana Begum, Kate Osborne, Tahir Ali, Richard Burgon, Beth Winter, John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Andrew Slaughter, Paula Barker, Zarah Sultana, Dianne Abbott, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Sarah Champion, Graeme Morris, Nadia Whittome and Daniel Carden.

Most worryingly, our supporters have further advised that these same MPs have provided responses on non-Israel related topics.

So, we can rule out incompetence.

As a former member of the PLP, I know that MPs receive correspondence on myriad issues, many of them conflicting, however, in a constituency based parliamentary democracy it is the duty of MPs to respond, for good or ill, to their constituents.

With healthy staff budgets being provided via IPSA and the knowledge that most MPs do fulfil their responsibilities,  we can also rule out any suggestion that this is a resource issue.

The only conclusion that can be reached is that these MPs are discriminating about the issues they choose to respond to their constituents about.

I reached the conclusion some time ago that antisemitism inside the PLP was driven by a visceral hatred of Israel.

If some of your MPs cannot even contemplate responding to, and engaging with, their constituents on matters concerning Israel, the world’s only Jewish state, what does that say about their wider perspectives on equality and race?

Do you accept that MPs who refuse to answer their constituents mail are failing in their duties?

If the answer to that question is Yes, the next question is: what do you intend to do about this?

Yours sincerely


Michael McCann

Israel Britain Alliance





  • Payments to Palestinian terrorists – January 2016
  • Proscription of Hezbollah – March 2016
  • Misuse of DFID funds – June 2016
  • #stopthewar – June 2016
  • Celebration of the Balfour Declaration – October 2016
  • UNSCR 2334 – January 2017
  • Israel Apartheid Week – March 2017
  • A pledge for Israel – general election campaign – May 2017
  • United Against Terror – in response to terror attacks in the UK – July 2017
  • Stop the Israel bashing – October 2017
  • Ban Hezbollah House of Commons debate – January 2018
  • Israel Apartheid Week – March 2018
  • Defend Israel – Gaza border attacks – March 2018
  • Al Quds – May 2018
  • BBC bias – October 2018
  • UK Aid – December 2018
  • Warsaw Summit – February 2019
  • Israel Apartheid Week – April 2019
  • Human Shields – June 2019
  • Grace 1 – July 2019
  • A pledge for Israel – general election campaign – November 2019
  • Israel Apartheid Week – February/March 2020
  • Reform UNRWA – July 2020


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The Israel- Britain Alliance (IBA) is a UK based organisation that celebrates Britain's relationship with the State of Israel.