This week the Iranian sponsored terror group Hamas offered its congratulations to the Taliban, for routing western supported Afghan forces.

The scenes played out on our TV screens of people clinging to aeroplanes have been heart-breaking, and while western democracies, including our own, seek to limit the fallout of this swift and devastating expulsion of liberalism from Afghan soil, it’s the ominous future that awaits the Afghan people that is both terrifying and certain.

It’s highly unlikely that this is a new ‘woke’ 2021 version of the Taliban that will champion the education of women and girls, embrace diversity, and allow basic freedoms.

It’s more likely that we will again see minorities persecuted, enemies tortured and executed and the clock will be turned back several centuries.

Afghanistan will be a failed state, again. Terror will be cultivated and promoted, poppies will be grown to export drug abuse to the West and some years down the line another calamitous Western adventure will be planned.

Anyone celebrating the Taliban victory is an enemy of freedom, justice and life in general.

So, it’s no surprise that Hamas were first in line to offer their congratulations.

But while our Parliamentarians were busy wringing their hands in SW1A 0AA this week about the tragedies about to unfold at this crossroads of Central and Southeast Asia, few will acknowledge their abject hypocrisy.

If you scan any debate in the House of Commons on the Israel/Palestinian conflict you will find numerous mentions of Hamas.

It’s been active since 1987 but since taking over Gaza in 2006 they have been responsible for three major conflicts, and of course, they hijacked the Gaza border dispute in 2018.

They have caused a conservative 6,000 civilian deaths, they’ve persecuted religious minorities and they throw political opponents and members of the LGBT community off buildings.

But you’ll be hard pressed to hear howls of derision and scorn poured on Hamas from many MPs.

Most of the time the best you will find is a sentence mildly rebuking their activities.

More likely you will hear (quite unbelievably) attempts to equate the actions of this Iranian sponsored nihilistic group to the actions of the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

I routinely receive the correspondence that our supporters receive from their MPs, and the IBA stores those responses for posterity.

So, I can report with some authority the lack of sanity on this issue: note to the House of Commons authorities, someone should explain the rules of armed conflict to MPs.  

But while we will have to admit defeat in our attempts to nation build, and (Joe Biden) that is exactly what we were attempting to do in Afghanistan, we cannot shirk our responsibilities to protect our own people from the mission of the likes of Hamas and the Taliban.

So why has our government not outlawed Hamas in the United Kingdom?

Why does our government allow Hamas to operate in our country?

The UK government claims Hamas has separate military and political wings.

If that sounds familiar it’s because the government deployed the same argument to defend the activities of Hezbollah in the UK, until they admitted defeat and fully proscribed that Iranian sponsored terror organisation in 2019.

Hamas has military, political and what they call social services activity.

Hamas’ social service activities fund the network of terrorists who fire rockets into Israel and their political activities support the terrorists who fire rockets into Israel.

That’s why the Israel Britain Alliance is calling on Priti Patel to fully proscribe Hamas.

Don’t just talk tough on terror Priti, use your power to protect us.  

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