Dear Home Secretary

I am writing to urge the Government to proscribe Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation.

The IRGC represents a threat to UK citizens, the British Jewish Community, other UK nationals with connections to Israel and general British interests with the Middle East and Gulf states.

The IRGC has been responsible for attacks on British troops.

It continues to engage in terrorism, and retains the capability and intent to do so, as evidenced recently by its provision of missiles and drones for lethal attacks by the Houthis against the United Arab Emirates in January 2022; the IRGC-backed drone attack against US forces in Syria in October 2021; the September 2019 missile and drone strike on Saudi energy facilities and the 2019 attacks on nine commercial oil tankers including a British-flagged ship. 

The IRGC has also planned attacks in western countries, for example, their 2011 plan to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington DC and operational support for the terror attacks on Israelis in Bulgaria.

The IRGC is central to Iran’s destabilising role and hegemonic ambitions across the Middle East, however, it is not a conventional state military force.

It is a militia that is used by the Iranian state to conduct terrorist attacks, hostage-taking and assassinations.

As a supporter of Israel, I am particularly concerned that the IRGC’s Quds (Jerusalem) Force aims to function as an army with a mandate to export the Iranian revolution overseas and “liberate” Palestine through destroying Israel, which Iran describes as the “Zionist regime” and a “cancerous tumour” that must be “eradicated.”

The IRGC supports, arms, trains and funds other terrorist organisations including Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Furthermore, my request follows the logic of the UK’s 2019 ban on Hezbollah and the 2021 ban on Hamas.

Why would the government not want to ban the IRGC when it funds and arms both Hezbollah and Hamas?

Under the Terrorism Act 2000, the UK government may proscribe an organisation if a group: “commits or participates in acts of terrorism; prepares for terrorism; promotes or encourages terrorism (including the unlawful glorification of terrorism); or is otherwise concerned in terrorism.”

The IRGC meets all these criteria.

Proscribing the IRGC is not only consistent with government policy it would make clear to the Iranian Government the areas of their activities that are unacceptable, and those that are not.

I urge you to take rapid steps to proscribe this pernicious and dangerous organisation.

I have copied this correspondence to my constituency MP for information.

Yours sincerely

Israel Britain Alliance Ltd. Registered Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 1BB. Company Number: 11054917