Dear Editor

The tragedy unfolding in Ukraine reminds us that all that is needed for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

Time will tell whether the strategy that the UK is following works, or not.

However, closer to home we see people in the STOP THE WAR coalition showing their true colours, damning NATO and pulling their punches on Putin’s egregious behaviour.

The same people will be participating in Israel Apartheid stunts at UK university campuses during the months of March and April, attempting to rewrite history and pulling their punches, or worse still, justifying the behaviour of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, on planet earth, Israel has taken in more Ukrainian refugees than the United Kingdom and has set up a field hospital in Ukraine that includes departments for the treatment of children and adults, an emergency room, a delivery room and a primary care clinic.

This tiny nation should be lofted high on a pedestal, and those in the UK that cherish Putin but enjoy the freedoms that our democracy provides, should be exposed for the frauds that they are.

To expose their deceit, I would urge your readers to join our campaign at www.israelbritain.org.uk.

Yours sincerely


Note for editor: Please feel free to print my name but not my address

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