Hertfordshire County Councillors today rejected a call for the council’s pension fund to divest in companies doing business in Israel, and the disputed territories under its control.

The decision was welcomed by the Israel Britain Alliance (IBA) who had been asked by the local community to help support council taxpayers that wished to contact their local representatives and express their anger at the proposal. 

The divestment initiative is being pursued by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) who are using their influence in trade unions and in some political parties to spread their anti-Israel agenda.

IBA Director Michael McCann said:

“As a former trade union official, Labour councillor and MP,  I am fully aware of the tactics that extremists use to further their agendas.

“Meetings with a handful of people devise extreme policies that are then offered to those who don’t understand the mendacity of the process as the settled will of the majority.

“Thankfully Hertfordshire County Council has treated this call for divestment with the contempt it deserves.”

However, the former politician warned that the danger was not yet over. Michael said:

“The PSC is attempting to get these measures adopted in local authorities across the UK because they know that government legislation to stop this behaviour is imminent.

“Tomorrow the Merseyside Pension Fund will consider a similar divestment proposal, which most worryingly has council officials recommending a plan of action that the extremists will celebrate.

“Again, the IBA has been supporting the local community but based on correspondence that some local councillors have issued, which includes rather unwisely criticising council taxpayers for having the audacity to contact them, they seem oblivious to the trap that is being for them. 

“We do hope they consider their next steps carefully.”


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