Dear MP

A cease fire has been brokered between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

This comes after more than 4,000 rockets had been fired indiscriminately into Israel by Hamas.

Hamas has committed two war crimes.

The first, by using the people of Gaza as human shields, and the second, deliberately and indiscriminately targeting the civilian Israeli population.

In the UK we have also seen antisemitic attacks on our streets by people mobilised by the rhetoric used by Palestinian leaders, and a press core determined to create an environment that somehow both sides are to blame for the violence.

That is not true.

During this extended period of violence the Palestinian Authority and Fatah called for an ‘escalation of the popular resistance’ and have praised Gazans for their willingness to go to ‘eternal paradise to be martyrs for Jerusalem’.

The root cause of the violence was Palestinian leaders deliberately igniting tensions in Jerusalem to create a crisis with the intention of distracting domestic and international focus from their own internal issues.

Mahmoud Abbas postponed Palestinian elections and Hamas, supported by Iranian military hardware, were keen to portray themselves to ordinary Palestinians that they were the defenders of Jerusalem and Al Aqsa.

Israel took all possible steps to de-escalate the conflict; it enabled 85,000 worshippers to pray on temple mount on Laylat al-akader (in spite of growing tensions following weeks of incitement and attacks against Jews in Jerusalem); it postponed a court hearing on East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah real-estate dispute; it forbade Jewish worshippers from praying on Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day and it diverted the traditional Jerusalem Day flags parade from the old city.

I was pleased to note that during an urgent question in the House of Commons on 19 May, MP after MP condemned Hamas and highlighted its links with the nefarious Iranian regime.

Furthermore, the government was equally forthright in citing Hamas as the guilty party and steadfastly defending Israel’s right to defend itself.

The handful of MPs that sought to justify the actions of Hamas were rightly condemned, and they must examine their own consciences to determine how they arrive at such warped conclusions.

The United Kingdom has a responsibility to promote democracy and must take a stand against the Palestinian leadership’s cynical and violent agenda and Hamas terror.

When people try to create an equivalence of responsibility between the democratic state of Israel and the terrorists, it represents a defeat for democracy and the ordinary Palestinian people.

I therefore call on you as my MP to condemn the Palestinian leaders who created this crisis and most specifically condemn the Hamas terrorists for their war crimes.

Finally, I would also ask that as we look to the future the UK Parliament should be at the forefront of developing new initiatives for peace and not simply issuing platitudes about a two-state solution or worse still the recognition of a Palestinian state without a full peace settlement covering all the issues.

Yours sincerely

Israel Britain Alliance Ltd. Registered Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 1BB. Company Number: 11054917