Our opponents are working day and night to undermine Israel, and our country’s relationship with Israel.

Everyday they are trying to fill decision makers heads with half-truths and down right lies.

For example, a group of MPs and members of the House of Lords sent a letter to The Guardian newspaper claiming that Israel was denying Palestinian women with breast cancer access to medical treatment.

The truth was rather different.

The provision of medical permits had been delayed by the Palestinian Authority, while Hamas were using the medical permits to smuggle terrorists into Israel to kill Israelis.

The IBA set the group of MPs and members of the House of Lords straight.

However, these deliberately misleading attempts to smear Israel happen every other day.

That’s why we need an army of Super Advocates to speak out and confront the lies.

We’ll provide full training and detailed guidance on how to advocate for Israel and confront the lies.

So if you think you can do a little more in your local area and be an IBA Super Advocate, get in touch at info@israelbritain.org.uk.

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