Dear Editor

The BBC will be one hundred years old in 2022 and it has had many high points.

But more recently its low points are the ones that stick in the memory.

Its public purposes demand impartiality and impose a duty on the corporation to inform and educate its viewers and listeners.

However, I, and many others, would argue that it has latterly failed in these duties, and I would offer as evidence Jeremy Bowen’s coverage of the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

His graphic 24 May ’21 report on the deaths of seven children and a young adult in Beit Hanoun suggested that an Israeli rocket was responsible, in fact it was a rocket fired by the terror group Hamas that killed these poor innocents.

The report was never corrected.

Why is this important? Because the misreporting of news leads to people reaching the wrong conclusion on world events, and a rise in hatred towards Israel and Jewish people in general.

There was a 365% rise in reports of antisemitism in the UK during May/June this year.

The BBC is currently being evaluated by Secretary of State, Nadine Dorries MP.

If you want the BBC to return to being an impartial news reporter please write to her via

Yours sincerely

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