The Israel Britain Alliance (IBA) is a community of partners and supporters working together to educate politicians and key stakeholders about the challenges that Israel faces as the only democracy in the Middle East, and to celebrate Israel’s relationship with Britain on crucial issues like trade and security.

The IBA brings people together from all walks of life.

Together we represent the biggest pro-Israel partner network in the United Kingdom dedicated to truth, justice and peace.

For decades the Middle East, and in particular the Israel-Palestinian conflict has dominated geo-politics.

From the Balfour Declaration to San Remo, from the Peel Commission to the UN partition agreement, from Israel’s declaration of independence in May 1948 and the war that followed when five Arab armies attacked the nascent Jewish State, through to the wars in 1967 and 1973, and the countless acts of terror sanctioned by a succession of Arab and Palestinian leaders.

It is a bloody history punctuated by ceasefires, (failed) peace talks and international interventions that have produced unintended negative consequences.

Throughout its modern history Israel has legally exercised its right to defend its borders and its citizens from attack but despite this an unhelpful, malevolent and dishonest narrative has developed, amongst politicians, and others who have been bombarded by Palestinian propaganda.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored and at the IBA we are dedicated to facts and ensuring that the truth is heard.

We believe in people power. The more of us that stand behind Israel, the louder our voice will be.

Most importantly, using our voices will ensure that our country’s relationship with Israel will flourish and truth, justice and peace will prevail.

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